febbraio 10, 2006

ricevo e pubblico (good news edition)

hello, my name is jana and my band the arrogants have released our new album "you've always known when best to say goodbye..." www.tweekitten.com. we're really excited for this album as it has 23 tracks that we all love. there's also a dvd included with a bunch of extras on it, and tweekitten has agreed to sell it for $7.50 which we're also really happy about. you can also download all 23 tracks (for only $4.00!) via paypal.

please download some of the songs from the album (www.arrogants.com/newmp3.html) and let us know what you think. if you enjoy it, we would love it if you gave us a mention on your site as well as link to some of our songs to give people a chance to hear our music. if you do decide to give us a mention, send me the link and we'll post it on our site and send some traffic your way.

thank you so much for giving good music a voice.



[thanks for the good news Jana. Albi&Anais]